Monday, June 8, 2015

Celebrating a Church's Birthday

In the middle of leading confirmation class this year ... I discovered that the church I serve is celebrating its 225th anniversary!
Logo made by church member, Craig Sinclair

And since the confirmation class was slated to join on Pentecost Sunday (the traditional Sunday for that event), we decided to make 225 a key theme for the service. 

I did a little searching on Pinterest looking for ideas of how to use 225 in the service. The ideas posted by teachers celebrating the 100th day of school came in very handy! These are the pins I really like. (And these are the Pentecost pins that I revisit every year.) 

Throughout the service we revealed the 225s that appeared in the sanctuary and in the worship service. The congregation enjoyed trying to guess where the 225s were hidden and appreciated the effort of the confirmation class (and their parents) as they took turns sharing what their 225 project was. 

I made 2 paper chains with a total of 225 links on them. 

The children's time (led by a confirmation class member!) featured a scavenger hunt for 225 Hershey's kisses hidden throughout the sanctuary. 

A jar filled with 225 pieces of candy was given away. 

We made sure to sing hymn #225 (which we didn't know very well!) 

My suggestion of 225 candles on the cake was nixed by the parents ... so the confirmation class made a "225" out of the candles. 

We have two on-going projects as well: 
first, to continue to add pictures (hopefully getting to 225!) to this cross. 

And naming 225 blessings as we celebrate 225 years of ministry. 

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